In November 2010, there was finalized the final identification and mapping of all twenty-one pilot demonstration plots and the total area of twenty-one demonstration areas. These demonstration plots have been planted under the project activities to date November 25, 2010 at the area of 43.16 hectares.

This project is a pilot project and to demonstrate the use of suitable crops and crop rotation systems on degraded soils in order to achieve maximum conservation of soil erosion while improving their economic recovery. To successfully pursue rehabilitation Tondano around the lake is further expansion of the newly planted areas contributing to the reduction of soil erosion is very significant.

The main criteria for selecting pilot villages and demonstration areas of the project were the following factors:
            - presence of critical areas
            - easy access to the communities
            - suitable distance from the demonstration sites of Tondáno
            - farmers' willingness to cooperate with the project
            - access to water in dry season
            - safety seedlings from theft

Pilot communities with the demonstration area were finally located in late 2009 and early 2010 when the project team together with local farmers selected the demonstration plots in four municipalities: Makalonsow (Administrative Office taler I) Toliangoki (administrative office taler II) Tabemlang (administrative office Tounsaru ) and Noongan (administrative office Lamogan). However, in the second half of 2010 was due to disagreement on the ownership of land in the village Noongan to the last change in the design and demonstration area in the municipality was abolished and confused demonstration area on the waterfront in the village Tondano Tambelan.

The final selection of four pilot villages of the project is:
1. Makalonsow (Administrative Office taler i)
2. Touliangoki (Administrative Office taler II)
3. Kombi (Administrative Office taler II)
4. Tambelan (Administrative office Tounsaru)

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Villages Makalonsouw and Toliangoki were selected as pilot villages already in previous phases of the project in 2009, not only in terms of critical areas, but also for the interest of local mayors, prominent right strategies and objectives of the project and the farmers involved in the project. Makalonsouw village is situated in a basin of two rivers which rise in the rainy season, flash floods, which caused high sedimentation in the lake and surrounding Tondano irrigation system. Moreover, these basins are flow streams and drainage areas, which is used to supply water to the city Tondáno.
Village Kombi was selected as a pilot municipality in 2010 due to the presence of high accelerated erosion on the slopes of the ravine next to the main access roads leading inland from the sea. Erosion in this area is a high risk of erosion and sedimentation on the sea coast, the threat to coral in the Moluccan Sea and threatens large landslides on the road. Tambelan village was chosen because it represents the location of degraded land where 30 to 60 % stones and boulders on the surface of steep slope land located directly on Lake Tondano.