The project rehabilitation programme aims at:

  1. Reduce and control erosion, sedimentation and pollution of the lake, Tondano river and coastal marine zone.
  2. Reduce overall pollution of the Manado Bay and Bunaken by land based sources.
  3. Use of  agro forestry rehabilitation methods as a part of integrated regreening aimed at establishment og agro processing using private investment.
  4. Use of  Czech, EU and other technologies and experiences from other parts of Southeast Asia and open possibilities for investment from Czech banks and private investors, other EU countries and institutions such as IFC in the Minahasa District.
  5. Establishment of cooperation of farmers groups, relevant government bodies, local university, relevant NGOs and private sector investors involved in agro  processing and agro business in the region.
  6. Introduction of trees for conservation, preservation of biodiversity bank, fruit trees, cash crop trees, timber producing trees and trees, shrubs and plants for biomass production for use by alternative energy technologies.
  7. Reduce pollution  by agrochemicals and toxic substances of the Tondano lake and the river
  8. Integration of agro forestry, agro processing and  agro /eco / heritage tourism.
  9. Capacity building and socialization of  the projects aims in order to increase the awareness of need for sustainable use of land and water resources, environmental protection and conservation of soil.
  10. Training of local specialists in integrated watershed and coastal zone management, sustainable management of natural resources and participatory planning and mapping.  

The project has founded the Working Group for Cooperation of ASEAN ( Indonesia ) and Czech Republic located in the Minahasa District that proposes establishment of mechanism of payment of private enterprises including eco, agro and heritage tourism in North Sulawesi to contribute a part of their profit ( say 0.5 to 1% ) towards rehabilitation activities of the Tondano lake watershed. The rehabilitation programme and eco, agro and heritage tourism should act as one of the mechanisms of conservation, rehabilitation and development of :

  • Tondano Watershed
  • Terrestrial Assets
  • Marine Resources Assets
  • Human Resources Assets